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We've got what you need! is a litecoin payment gateway provider founded in 2018. Our aim is to provide merchants with an affordable but yet convenient way to integrate litecoin payment in their business payment process. Imagine if you could accept litecoin as a means of payment on your website without the hase of manually checking the transaction and confirmations. Use donate and paynow buttons or API to automate and accept payments from your customers around the world and keep your head off the manual process of checking each and every transactions and confirmation.

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How it works?


You create an account.

Create Transaction

You request a transaction from our payment API. You provide your customer with the ltc address generated.

Validate Transaction

Once your client pays the exact LTC amount to the requested LTC address we will check the confirmations received as per your min confirmation settings.


If the transaction is valid as per your settings, and your customer send you the exact ltc required we will notify you and we will pay you out the ltc received.



Unlimited Transactions

Daily Payout

Free Support

No fees
excluding ltc network fee


Unlimited Transactions

Daily Payout

Free Support

No fees if calculated fees is below 0.005 ltc


Unlimited Transactions

Daily Payout

Free Support

1.0% per transaction if calculated fees is above 0.005 ltc


Unlimited Transactions

Immediate Payout

Free Support

1.9% per transaction if calculated fees is above 0.005 ltc

Whichever fees structure you choose, if the calculated fees is less than 0.005 ltc we will not charge any fees from you. Since our Litecoin gateway is in Beta, we are not taking any fees for one year.
You will only pay the litecoin network transaction fees set by the network.
Should we decide to apply fees, all new transactions will incure fees as per the new fees structure in place.

Time remaining before we apply fees:

Easy integration

Integrating with your website is very easy. All you need is to import the xpresslitecoin.js file in your page, add the required buttons and configure your xpresslitecoin client.

      <script type="text/javascript" src="xpresslitecoin.js"></script>
            <button id="xpl-paynow" data-amount="0.04" data-invoiceid="12345" data-redirectsuccess="/success/">Paynow</button>

     <button id="xpl-donate">Donate</button>

Dowload latest xpresslitecoin.js file Check out documentations

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